Chris Layton

Creditors are relentless in their pursuit of money. Remember, they are doing whatever the law will allow them, and they will continue to do so until the debt is paid. With late fees, high interest and penalties. You can stop collections calls today.

Suffering doesn’t make sense. With the banks’ unwillingness to be flexible or give you some additional time, what does make sense is for YOU to bring stability back into your life by taking whatever steps the law allows. Knowing your rights can change your life quickly and dramatically. A bankruptcy attorney can help.

Did you know: Filing a bankruptcy with the court puts an automatic stay on collection calls and other collections activities including foreclosure. This means the day you file your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you get instant relief—no more threatening phone calls.

Did you know: After the bankruptcy is filed, creditors who contact you in an attempt to collect on a debt are breaking the law. If you do get phone calls after filing, you should immediately let your bankruptcy lawyer know: you may now have a case against the creditor for violating the rules associated with the automatic stay!

Did you know: You don’t have to notify the creditors yourself. Your attorney can notify your creditors on your behalf, and in the alternative, the court provides notice to creditors upon the filing of the bankruptcy.

After a brief phone consultation with your Charlotte bankruptcy attorney you will be well on your way to relief. Call 704.749.7747 today to get free information quickly. The future can be different and one call can make that difference.