Ambulance Bills In Personal Injury


If you have ambulance bills resulting from a North Carolina personal injury claim, that bill will typically constitute a lien against settlement proceeds. This means that if you settle your personal injury claim, your ambulance bill will need to be paid before you receive any money from the settlement.

Generally, N.C.G.S. sec. 44-49, allows a person, corporation, state entity, county, or municipal corporation to claim a lien to the extent that entity provided medical services, drugs, medical supplies, or ambulatory services in connection with the injury for which the settlement has been reached. An ambulance bill qualifies as “Medical services”.

Is My Ambulance Bill Negotiable?

Most all bills are negotiable, and your personal injury lawyer should negotiate your bills on your behalf. Keep in mind though, that ambulance bills in personal injury are typically Mecklenburg County medical services bills. As such, your personal injury lawyer will be dealing with the City of Charlotte when attempting to negotiate the bill. In extreme circumstances, where the settlement does not exceed the total medical bills, the chance of negotiating the ambulance bill increases. Otherwise, the bill will most likely need to be paid in full.

What Other Types Of Bills Can I Expect?

If you’ve been injured, in an auto accident, or injured in a slip and fall on the premises of a business, you can expect some or all of the following types of bills:

Ambulance Bills

Emergency Room Bills

Hospital Bills

Physical Therapy Bills

Chiropractic Bills

Therapy Bills

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