Average Auto Accident Settlement In Charlotte

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The average auto accident settlement in Charlotte, NC depends on many factors. In considering the value of your auto accident claim, the insurance adjuster and your personal injury lawyer will negotiate property damage, medical billing, medical liens, Medicare and Medicaid liens, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Additionally, if there are any “Special damages” you personal injury lawyer will make the case for those.

Medical Bills In Personal Injury

Medical bills in personal injury differ from normal medical bills. In essence, your medical billing is a function of the value of your claim. Your personal injury lawyer will collect and submit all medical billing to the insurance adjuster in charge of the claim. Additionally, your personal injury lawyer will negotiate your medical bills if your settlement is not high enough to pay for the medical bills.

Medicare and Medicaid In Personal Injury

If you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, there may be a Medicare or Medicaid lien against your settlement proceeds. This is unique to personal injury and your lawyer will obtain the lien amount from Medicare or Medicaid, and include it in the total billing submitted to the adjuster with your demand package.

Health Insurance Liens In Personal Injury

Another factor in the average auto accident settlement in Charlotte, NC is whether there is a health insurance lien against settlement proceeds. Typically, you make your monthly payments and health insurance pays for your treatment; however, in a personal injury scenario, if there is a settlement then the health insurance company may be entitled to some portion of the proceeds of the settlement.

Lost Wages In Personal Injury

Your lost wages need to be verified by your employer. Your personal injury lawyer will have your employer sign off on a lost wages affidavit and present it to the insurance adjuster. Depending upon the injury and the medical records accompanying the lost wages affidavit, the average auto accident settlement in Charlotte, NC can change dramatically if there are lost wages.

Special Damages In Personal Injury

There are some instances where a personal injury accident in Charlotte, NC leads to missed family events like a graduation or a family trip. In these cases, your personal injury lawyer will provide documentation that the auto accident or slip and fall was the direct result of the missed event, and value it appropriately when calculating your damages with the insurance adjuster. This is true even for minor accidents or fender benders.

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