filing bankruptcy while married

Filing Bankruptcy While Married

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Filing Bankruptcy While Married If you’re considering filing bankruptcy while married, you’re not alone. Thousands of married couples are in your situation, and the bankruptcy filing statistics are easily found online, showing you that…
SBA Loans In Bankruptcy

How Does Bankruptcy Affect You?

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How Does Bankruptcy Affect You? While this question is general, we understand the concern. Most clients want to understand what it will be like during their bankruptcy, right after their bankruptcy, and a few years down the road from bankruptcy.…
Bankruptcy and keeping your home

Downside Of Filing Bankruptcy

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Downside Of Filing Bankruptcy Clients routinely ask “What is the downside of filing bankruptcy?” While there certainly is a downside to filing bankruptcy, a thorough review of most clients' financial situation reveals that a bankruptcy…
Is Bankruptcy Right For Me

Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

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If you’re asking yourself “Is bankruptcy right for me?” most likely, the answer is yes. We work every day with hard working individuals who simply can’t keep up with growing medical debt, credit card debt, or mortgage problems. Bankruptcy…