The Best Personal Injury Lawyer For You

You see commercials on television. You see advertisements in Google if you search for Personal Injury Attorney Charlotte. Almost every personal injury law firm advertisement promises to get you results. But how do you decide which personal injury lawyer is the best personal injury lawyer for you?

I have been practicing law for fifteen years. What I’ve found to be most important in my practice is client relationships. It’s how I’ve managed to build two successful law practices here in Charlotte in the past two decades. The fact is, many attorneys are capable of doing good work for you. What often distinguishes one attorney from another is the attention devoted to caring for clients.

Direct Access To Your Personal Injury Attorney

You deserve to be able to reach your personal injury attorney during normal business hours. If you choose a personal injury law firm that handles a high volume of cases, in many instances they manage those cases by limiting client access to attorneys. In the meantime, you’re expected to speak mainly with support staff. The attorney who was hands on in the beginning is somehow Missing In Action now that you’ve signed on with the firm.

At The Layton Law Firm, your personal injury case comes with direct access to an attorney. That’s a promise we make because we know it’s important for you to have substantive updates on your case, delivered by the attorney, on a regular basis.

Try This

Try this. Call or email a personal injury attorney in Charlotte and see how long they take to respond to you about your inquiry. It’s a good indicator of how much personal attention you will receive if you decide to have that law firm handle your case or claim. When you do speak with the law firm, are you speaking directly with an attorney? You should be. You deserve to. If you can’t speak with an attorney at the outset, it may be an indicator of the future inability to speak with one.  While there are many capable individuals who serve as support staff for lawyers, there are times where you need or desire to speak directly with the lawyer– we honor that.

Ask A Few Questions

Ask the law firm what it’s like to work with them on a personal injury claim. Will you be given regular updates? Can you access the lawyer via phone and email? Once you get to speak with an attorney, ask him or her what the most challenging part of their practice is. It’s an open-ended question but it will give you some insight into what’s important to them on a day to day basis, and what challenges them.

Trust Your Gut Instinct

In most cases, the client doesn’t know the law. That’s ok. Clients do have a gut reaction though, to an initial conversation with a lawyer or a representative at a law firm. If you’re trying to decide whether to choose a particular Charlotte personal injury attorney, you should consider all the information available to you– that includes the first impression the firm or lawyer makes upon you. Your ongoing relationship with the law firm will be about much more than the legal work they are doing for you. You deserve to be taken care of personally, while you and your attorney travel along the journey to obtaining best results for you.

If you would like to speak with a personal injury attorney about a potential claim, or ask any questions about an accident you have been in, please feel free to call me at 704-749-7747. Answering questions is my job and there’s no obligation to choose my firm to represent you. I’m happy to help.


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