does bankruptcy clear taxes

Does Bankruptcy Clear Taxes?

Does Bankruptcy Clear Taxes? If you’re wondering does bankruptcy clear taxes, you’ll need to know a few things before you can decide. This article helps to answer the question “Does bankruptcy clear taxes”, and we hope it’s helpful.…
Can I File Bankruptcy

Can I File Bankruptcy?

Can I File Bankruptcy? If the question is “Can I file bankruptcy?” the answer is always the same…. “It depends!”Whether you can file a successful bankruptcy depends on a few factors. If you’re a consumer considering filing bankruptcy,…
benefits of chapter 7

Downside Of Filing Bankruptcy

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Downside Of Filing Bankruptcy Clients routinely ask “What is the downside of filing bankruptcy?” While there certainly is a downside to filing bankruptcy, a thorough review of most clients' financial situation reveals that a bankruptcy…
Bankruptcy For Unsecured Debt Chapter 7

Medical Payments Coverage For Car Accidents

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Medical Payments Coverage Medical Payments coverage is coverage you may have on your own auto insurance policy. If you have Medical Payments coverage, it will cover some or all of your medical bills incurred as the result of a car accident.…
bankruptcy how long discharge

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take? This article helps answer the question how long does bankruptcy take. The answer depends upon a few factors. Primarily, they are:How quickly you can deliver documentation to your bankruptcy attorney Whether…
court approved child settlement

Child Personal Injury Settlements In North Carolina

Child Personal Injury Settlements In North Carolina If a child is injured in a car accident or slip and fall in North Carolina, they are commonly entitled to the same rights as adults. One major difference in the outcome of a personal injury…

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Before clients decide to hire a personal injury lawyer, they want to know “What does a personal injury lawyer cost?” The answer to this question can often mean the difference between hiring a personal injury lawyer or attempting to settle…
Can I Keep My Bonus In Chapter 13

Can I Use My Credit Card To Pay For Bankruptcy?

Generally, speaking you cannot use your credit card to pay for bankruptcy. The reason behind this is if you use your credit cards too close to filing bankruptcy, there is a presumption of abuse that arises. This presumption of abuse means it…
How does bankruptcy affect your credit

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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We talk with injured individuals every day who ask about Uninsured Motorist Coverage. If you’re injured in an automobile accident and the other driver does not have insurance, you may think you can’t be compensated for your injuries. Generally,…
Is Bankruptcy Right For Me

Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

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If you’re asking yourself “Is bankruptcy right for me?” most likely, the answer is yes. We work every day with hard working individuals who simply can’t keep up with growing medical debt, credit card debt, or mortgage problems. Bankruptcy…