Rear End Accident Liability Concerns

Our experience is that a large majority of car accidents are the result of a rear end accident. While many of these are minor “fender benders”, they can still lead to meaningful injuries for one or both drivers or passengers in the car accident. Treating…
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Your Car Accident -- Procedures And Tips

If you’re in a car accident in Charlotte, NC, chances are it’s on a busy road with numerous concerns. Stay calm and take the following immediate steps to both insure your health and protect your rights.Pull Over—You’re required…
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How Do I Negotiate With An Insurance Company?

If you’ve been in a car accident, can you negotiate with an insurance company on your own?The short answer is yes, you can negotiate your car accident insurance claim and settle it, without an attorney. But read on to find out a few reasons…

Free Mecklenburg County Police Report

Need a copy of your Mecklenburg County police report from a car accident? Call us and we will obtain it for you for free. Within a few minutes, and with a few details from your accident, we will be able to locate your police report online and…

NC Car Accident Laws And Your Personal Injury Case

What Are The NC Car Accident Laws?In North Carolina, there is not a specific set of car accident laws. Instead, attorneys use the existing set of case law to guide them. What this means is that rather than look to a NC car accident law,…
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Social Host Liability in North Carolina

 If you're taking on the role of Social Host this summer, a little planning can go a long way. Summer’s here, and with it comes barbecue, Saturday invites, and, social host liability. North Carolina is typically a tough state in which…

Ambulance Bills In Personal Injury

If you have ambulance bills resulting from a North Carolina personal injury claim, that bill will typically constitute a lien against settlement proceeds. This means that if you settle your personal injury claim, your ambulance bill will need…
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Are Doctors Bills Paid From My Personal Injury Settlement?

Doctors bills are a common concern for our personal injury clients, and the concern especially arises when doctors bills exceed the settlement amount. If the doctors bills are paid, then essentially the client ends up with nothing or close to…