Do I make too much money for Chapter 7

Do I Make Too Much Money For Chapter 7?

Do I Make Too Much Money For Chapter 7? In order to benefit from the relief offered under Chapter 7, you must show the court that you qualify. Qualifying for Chapter 7 essentially boils down to two key categories: Income and Assets. This article…
Can I Keep My Apartment In Bankruptcy

Can I Keep My Apartment In Chapter 7?

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Can I Keep My Apartment In Chapter 7? Yes, you can keep your apartment in Chapter 7. You will need to stay current on rent, but you can keep it. In other words, the fact you filed Chapter 7 does not give the landlord the power to evict you.…
Bankruptcy and your credit score

Bankruptcy And Your Credit Score

People often put off filing bankruptcy because of the fear of what it will do to their credit score. However, your bankruptcy and credit score are tied together in ways most of us don't consider. We have been taught that a high credit score…
tow truck near me now

Tow Truck Near Me Now

Tow Truck Near Me Now If you’re looking for a “Tow truck near me now,” we have a few links to reputable tow truck companies in the Charlotte, NC area in this article. Chances are, you may also need a personal injury lawyer. If you’ve…
Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy Or Consolidation?

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Bankruptcy Or Consolidation? If you are overwhelmed by the choice between bankruptcy or consolidation, there is great news: you have options. Most individuals wait much longer than they should before exercising their options regarding debt—do…
Bankruptcy For Unsecured Debt Chapter 7

How Much Will My Chapter 13 Payment Be?

How Much Will My Chapter 13 Payment Be? Your Chapter 13 payment is a combination of a few factors. We discuss these factors in this post. If you have questions please call 704.749.7747 or click for a FREE CASE EVALUATION and we will reach out…
Chris Layton

Tax Refunds In Bankruptcy

There are two concerns regarding tax refunds in bankruptcy. Depending upon whether you are in a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, those concerns are slightly different.Chapter 7Tax Refund Already Received—A tax refund you have already received…
Pedestrian Injury

Layton Law Protects Pedestrians - Free Yard Signs

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Layton Law Protects Pedestrians As part of our 2019 campaign to protect pedestrians, we are giving away our “Layton Law Protects Pedestrians – SLOW DOWN” yard signs. In our personal injury practice, we are surrounded by injured individuals.…
rear end collision demand letter

Rear End Collision Demand Letter

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Rear End Collision Demand Letter If you are in search of a rear end collision demand letter, you have either received one or you are preparing to write one. In either case, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer about your rights. It…
Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents And Your Rights

In North Carolina, bicycle accidents are treated much like vehicle accidents. In fact, bicycles are treated as vehicles for the purpose of interpreting the state law. See N.C.G.S. Ch. 20-4.01. Some special rules apply to bicyclists regarding…