Charlotte Bankruptcy Fees

As a Charlotte bankruptcy attorney, I often discus fees with potential clients. I gladly give my potential clients my fee for a Charlotte bankruptcy, and encourage them to call other law firms to ask about fees. It matters a great deal to me that clients end up with an attorney they like, and one whose fees are reasonable.

We also discuss the cost of not filing a bankruptcy. Typically, clients who call have already temporarily damaged their credit scores with late payments and non-payments to creditors. Often times, your credit score one year after bankruptcy will be as good as or better than it was before filing. Additionally, with the discharge of credit card debt, medical bills and other debts in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the threat of lawsuits and creditor attorneys fees is removed from your life.

Attorney fees are due prior to the filing of the bankruptcy petition, but that does not keep my clients and I from working together in the meantime. Depending upon the client, it takes anywhere from three weeks to three months to prepare for bankruptcy. I do not require fees up front in order to get started with my clients– if you’re willing to work to gather information, I take that as a sign that you are serious about filing. And I’m happy to work with you toward that goal.

My clients are good people. They have had life changing experiences or a series of experiences that have brought them where they are financially. My goal is to understand their current situation, prevent further harm, and assist them in taking steps to restore themselves to financial health.

If you’d like answers to questions, please call me at 704.749.7747. There’s no obligation to file. I’m here as a resource and I’m happy to help.