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Charlotte Chiropractor and auto accidents

As a personal injury law firm, we routinely are involved with settling personal injury claims involving a Charlotte Chiropractor. Quite often, an injured client has pain which can’t be addressed by a medical doctor. Often, the client is referred to a Chiropractor or physical therapist for treatment. Whether to be treated by a Charlotte Chiropractor is your choice. Ultimately, the goal is to restore you to good health, and quite often a Chiropractor can help. Below are some symptoms which a Chiropractor might be able to help you with, where your primary care physician may not be able to assist.

Headaches After A Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, the impact from the accident can easily lead to concussions or head pain. While headaches may be a sign of a concussion, more often they are simply a side-effect of your body experiencing the impact of the accident. Misalignment of the neck or spine from the car accident can leave you with chronic headaches. A Charlotte Chiropractor can present you with a plan for treatment which ultimately re-aligns the neck and spine, improves blood flow and oxygen to the head, and decreases headaches. If you have Medical Payments coverage on your auto policy, you may be able to pay for your treatment by accessing that coverage.

Limited Range Of Motion

So many car accident clients and slip and fall clients feel OK the day of the accident. Perhaps adrenaline prevents them from feeling pain, or a desire to simply be OK fuels the message to the brain that there is no injury. A few days after their accident, they are hit with the reality that they are injured and need treatment. Quite often, a limited range of motion is one of the obvious signs that things are not right. While a primary care physician can provide medicine to manage pain, and x-rays and MRIs can confirm or dispel injuries, a Charlotte Chiropractor can offer treatment to restore your range of motion. Realigning bones and joints relieves pain and restores range of motion.

Chiropractic Treatment After A Car Accident

Generally, seeking Chiropractic treatment after a car accident or slip and fall injury is a smart idea. The injuries we sustain in an impactful accident are not always obvious to us, and receiving treatment early can make the difference between a full recovery and something less than a full recovery. Most Chiropractic treatment is of a non-invasive nature, and reduces your pain without the need for drugs. In many instances, your Chiropractic treatment can be paid for from your personal injury claim—this is something you can discuss with your Chiropractor at your initial consultation. In addition to a successful treatment plan, your Chiropractor will provide detailed notes and records surrounding your treatment, which will help your personal injury attorney build your case for economic recovery. Quite often, the quality of the Chiropractor’s records and notes makes all the difference for you.

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