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Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

One factor to consider when choosing a Charlotte personal injury attorney is the reviews. Charlotte personal injury attorney reviews can tell you a lot about the attorney, the paralegals, and the general experience you will have with that particular Charlotte personal injury law firm.

Can I Trust Personal Injury Attorney Reviews?

Absent some reason not to believe them, it’s safe to assume that the reviews you read on Google.com are valid reviews for Charlotte personal injury attorneys. Reviews are typically left by one or all of the following:

Happy Clients—People who were represented by the Charlotte personal injury law firm. These individuals then decided to voice their opinion online so that potential clients would have an idea as to what their experience was working with the firm.

Angry Clients—These exist too, and they tend to be vocal. It’s often said that one bad review for a business shows a potential client that the business is not flawless. It may also show that the business or law firm is not trying to regulate their reviews. However, if you encounter numerous bad or “one star” reviews for a Charlotte personal injury law firm, it may be a sign to avoid them.

Colleagues—Often, a colleague or another business will leave a review for a law firm or for a business. Generally, this is a gesture where the colleague has had a good experience working with the business or the law firm and wants to voice support for the law firm or business. They do so by leaving a review.

Disgruntled Former Employees—While this is less often the case, sometimes angry former employees will leave a bad review for a business or law firm.

What Can I Learn From Personal Injury Attorney Reviews?

It is our belief that by reading the reviews left for a Charlotte personal injury law firm, you will get a sense of what it’s like to work with the firm. Some reviews discuss results achieved, others discuss the level of service the client received. The reviews can tell you quite a lot about the law firm or company, and are best taken into consideration together with your direct communications with the law firm.

Can I Discuss A Bad Review With A Charlotte Personal Injury Law Firm?

If you read a bad review about a Charlotte personal injury law firm and would like to discuss it with the firm, we think that’s a reasonable request. Most likely, the law firm or attorney will remember the client and should be willing to discuss the review with you. No law firm is perfect. The law firm’s choice to honestly discuss why they received a bad review, or why you will not have the same experience as the upset client, is a feather in their cap and a sign you can trust them.

Are The Layton Law Firm’s Google Reviews Good?

We are very proud of our online reviews, and you can read them here: Layton Law Firm Google Reviews While not every client chooses to leave a review, the ones that do remind us how important each client’s legal matter is to them. The reviews also remind us that while clients are focused on results, they also are entitled to good communication and understanding. Clients who are going through a traumatic personal injury have an emotional experience in doing so. As a Charlotte personal injury law firm, we are just as proud of the results we achieve for our clients as we are proud of the relationships we form with our clients. Here is a sample of one of our reviews:

(5 STARS) Chris is a great lawyer! He’s very dedicated and committed to you from start to finish. We were working on my case for 2yrs before I settled! He communicated with me to make sure I was aware of everything and he made sure I got the most out of my settlement!!

Bridgett McKinley

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