Charlotte Personal Injury Consultation

The Layton Law Firm offers free personal injury consultations in our Charlotte office or by phone. Typically, during the consultation, the attorney will ask you to explain the event leading up to the injury, the injury itself, and the treatment for the injury to date.

As the client in a Charlotte personal injury consultation, your goal is to decide whether the attorney is competent, and whether you want to work with that attorney. There are several personal injury attorneys in Charlotte who all do an extremely well job representing their clients—finding the right fit for you is key.

What Can I Establish During My Consultation?

You can establish the attorney fee schedule during the consultation. You should also be able to get a general idea of the time frame the attorney believes will be required to review your case. If the attorney takes the case, he should be able to clearly explain to you the timeline for working together—when do you expect treatment to end, how long does it take to get out a demand letter to the insurance company, at what point will you know if you need to file a lawsuit, etc.

Questions You Should Ask

I always encourage personal injury clients in a consultation to voice their biggest concerns. The responses mainly relate to whether the firm is willing to file a lawsuit if necessary, and what happens to medical bills during the life of the claim or case. It’s important to get comfortable with these concepts prior to deciding on a Charlotte personal injury attorney.

Schedule A Consultation

If you’d like to speak with an attorney, call 704.749.7747. The call is free. Or, you can complete a quick form and we will contact you to set up a convenient time to have your consultation and explain the process. You can complete that form HERE. We’re here to help.

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