Charlotte Personal Injury Law Firms

The Layton Law Firm, PLLC is a Charlotte Personal Injury Law Firm. I’m writing this article today not to convince you to use The Layton Law Firm for your personal injury claim. Instead, I’m writing to convince you to seek the guidance of one of the Charlotte personal injury law firms, in general. If you have a legitimate injury, there are numerous reasons to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer in Charlotte.

Your Rights May Be Affected

First, the obvious. Charlotte personal injury firms and the attorneys that work for them make it their job to understand what your rights are, and how they may be affected by certain behavior. Waiting too long to file a claim, failing to seek the proper medical treatment and follow through with that treatment, even making statements to insurance companies—can all affect your otherwise valid personal injury claim.

Protecting Yourself Against Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are looking out for their best interests. If you negotiate a claim with an insurance company without the assistance of a personal injury attorney, you run the risk of getting less than what you deserve, and signing off on the right to pursue more money later.

Understanding The “Patience” Game

Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer will help you understand the frustrating amount of time it can take to settle a claim. But there are reasons. Charlotte personal injury law firms want to get paid on your claim as badly as you do, but they know that making a demand on the insurance policy too soon has a costly effect. As the client, your job is to follow your doctor’s orders, complete treatment, and give your personal injury lawyer the time he or she needs to put together the strongest case possible for you.

Negotiating Down Medical Bills

One way in which Charlotte personal injury law firms help you obtain a better result than you can on your own– even after you pay their fees– is their ability to negotiate down your medical bills. As part of representing you, the firm will present your medical providers with facts about the settlement and negotiate with them to get the bills down to a reasonable amount. The firm will also confirm that all medical liens by physicians and facilities against you are released as part of the process.

Emotional Support

Charlotte personal injury law firms are all different. It’s my opinion that most firms will get you a similar result. That’s good news for clients trying to decide on a personal injury lawyer in Charlotte. What will be different is your experience with each law firm and each personal injury lawyer you work with. You deserve an attorney who is competent in legal matters, but who also understands it’s an emotional journey that you, the client, are on. Your personal injury lawyer should soothe your nerves, keep you confident and informed in the process of negotiating the claim, and make you feel cared for. Period. It’s just part of the job.

Call A Charlotte Personal Injury Firm

If you have been injured, you should call a Charlotte personal injury attorney today. I can be reached at 704.749.7747. If I can’t assist with your case, I will be happy to refer you to another personal injury lawyer who I trust to assist you. Don’t get taken advantage of in the meantime.