Estate Planning Package


Caring for clients means assisting with existing problems and preventing future problems. Most of my bankruptcy clients do not have a Will or any other estate planning documents. While I do not recommend a Will or Estate Planning package for all individuals if you have minor children you need both.

Choose Us For Bankruptcy or Personal Injury, We’ll Do The Rest

We understand the cost of an Estate Planning Package is just one more bill, in addition to the bills you already owe. And if you’re paying for bankruptcy, very rarely is any money left over for Estate Planning. As a way to say thank you to clients who choose The Layton Law Firm to assist them with their bankruptcy or personal injury, we offer a reduced rate on an Estate Planning Package for existing bankruptcy or personal injury clients.

It’s easy to take advantage of this. When you call the firm to inquire about bankruptcy or personal injury, simply ask about the Estate Planning package and we will plan on executing the Will and other accompanying documents after we have completed your representation for your initial matter.

It feels good to take care of clients, and we look forward to seeing clients achieve peace of mind by assisting with personal injury, bankruptcy filings, and planning for the future through Estate Planning.

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