Debt Collectors Arrested

In a story published by CNN here, it is being reported that the federal government is wielding a heavy hand when it comes to debt collectors. As a Charlotte bankruptcy attorney, I often hear the horror stories clients have regarding debt collectors. Too many times, clients are bullied into making payments on a debt based on lies or vague statements by debt collectors. Taking steps to put an end to calls from debt collectors is easy:

What Should You Do?

If you’re being harassed by debt collectors, is could just be they are doing their job—contacting you to ask for money that you owe them. On the other hand, as the link above indicates, quite often the consequences for not paying are not near as dire as the person on the other end of the phone alleges.

Ask Questions

While it is a frightening experience receiving a call from an aggressive debt collector, just take a deep breath and ask questions. You’re allowed to do that. When a debt collector won’t answer questions about their company, the debt, or what legal action has been taken, it’s a good sign that you’re being bullied.

Buy Some Time

One thing you can always do is buy some time—time to talk to an attorney. Once you’ve taken down all relevant information about the debt and the debt collector, reach out to a Charlotte bankruptcy attorney and tell them your story. The attorney should be able to assist you in researching the debt collector’s information and confirming the status of the debt and any legal action that has been or hasn’t been taken.

Understand Your Options

While we all have a desire to pay back our debts, there are instances where it’s just not an option any longer. Loss of income due to job loss or personal injury often create situations where we just don’t have the means. The federal rules of bankruptcy offer aggressive relief in those situations. A brief conversation with a Charlotte bankruptcy lawyer can put you at ease and help you decide what to do next.

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