Documents Needed For A Charlotte Bankruptcy

Nobody likes paperwork. My goal as your bankruptcy lawyer is to not let paperwork get in the way of you getting your bankruptcy filed. The goal is to move you forward, not weigh you down with endless tasks. For that reason, my clients and I do as much of the work as possible electronically.

Moving Forward

Once you decide you’d like to move forward, I’ll send you an invitation to the electronic bankruptcy questionnaire my firm uses. The questionnaire is something you store on your computer—you log in, answer questions, and those answers are automatically sent over to my firm. You can save your work, and complete the questionnaire at your own pace. The questionnaire also lets you ask questions directly to me, which I receive at my computer, so that I can quickly provide answers.

Required Documentation

There is some documentation required to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Charlotte, NC. You can fax,email or upload the docs directly through the electronic questionnaire mentioned above. We keep the document list as short as possible. While sometimes requiring more, any time prior to filing, at a minimum you will need to provide:

Last two years tax returns
Drivers License
Social Security Card
Last three months bank statements
Documentation of ownership for home and vehicle(s)

*Some of this documentation is available online, like the deed to your home, so obtaining it is easy.

The point is to enable you to efficiently contribute to helping us get ready to file your case, and make that process as painless as possible. If you don’t regularly use a computer, you’re always welcome to drop documents off at the SouthPark office and we will take it from there. We’re here to help.

If you have any questions about bankruptcy—any at all—please call 704.749.7747 today and get them answered for free. Answering questions is part of my job.