Documents Required For Bankruptcy

Financial pressure is overwhelming enough, without the added task of compiling endless documents required for bankruptcy. Fortunately, with the help of electronic communications and software advances, you can find out quickly and easily whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

For simplicity sake, here are the next steps to determine whether you qualify for bankruptcy:

A phone call with me, your bankruptcy attorney—I’ll ask you a few questions about your debt, your income, and your belongings in an attempt to uncover any red flags which might be an obstacle for filing;

A questionnaire—Once we determine over the phone that you will likely qualify, you’ll need to complete an online questionnaire I’ll send via email invite. This questionnaire works with my software. I can see your progress, and you can ask questions to me directly through the questionnaire. It does not require any documentation;

A few documents—After we review the questionnaire together, by phone or in person, I’ll need to see a few documents to substantiate the info on the questionnaire.

  • Tax returns for the last two years
  • Credit report (We can assist you with obtaining a free credit report online, or order one for you)
  • Six months of pay stubs (We need to verify your income for the bankruptcy court)

Again, the need to provide these documents required for bankruptcy only arises once we have determined that you qualify for filing. If you’re interested in getting assistance determining whether you qualify for bankruptcy, and you’re willing to take the steps above, there is no charge from my firm to assist with this process. You only incur an attorney fee if you decide to move forward and actually file.

Please reach out today to set up a consultation by phone or in person. Or, complete this online contact form and we will call you back shortly. I can be reached directly at 704.749.7747.