File Bankruptcy?! But I’d Feel Bad Doing That!

When it comes to deciding whether to file bankruptcy, my job is to help you put emotions to the side and focus on what’s truly important: your health and  your family’s health. Here are three great reasons to file bankruptcy.

  1. You Have The Right To File – Much like taking a tax deduction, the federal law grants you the right to file bankruptcy. That same government insures you will not abuse the right by limiting the circumstances under which you can file, and the number of times you can file. You don’t feel bad taking a tax deduction, and you should not feel bad about filing bankruptcy.
  2. Your Creditors Have Prepared For It—Creditors know a certain percentage of debtors will not repay their loans. They compensate for this with high interest rates and late fees. In the end, debtors often pay two times what they borrowed. The credit card company will be fine. They have already profited from you.
  3. You Deserve The Relief—If you’ve done everything you can to make ends meet and pay back your creditors and just can’t make it work, you’ve met your obligation. The federal bankruptcy court isn’t going to ridicule you for the way you spent money, or blame you for failing to balance your budget. You and your family deserve the powerful relief the bankruptcy code provides.

Call me today to get answers to questions about bankruptcy, find out the limitations on filing, and take next steps to restore financial health to your life. It’s time to put an end to the struggle. You can reach me at 704.749.7747.

Clients who file with The Layton Law Firm, PLLC receive a complimentary Will and Estate Planning package as part of filing. Let’s move forward together.