Fractures From Car Accidents


Fractures From Car Accidents

Some of the most common personal injuries are fractures from car accidents. The impact of the accident, combined with the physical contact with the interior of the body of the car, often leads to fractures. If you suffered fractures from a car accident in North Carolina you may be able to recover from the driver who hit you.

Source Of The Fracture

Quite often, because the accident happened so quickly, our clients are not sure how they fractured a bone during the car accident. Contact with the steering column, the dashboard, and even the airbag can lead to a fracture. When another vehicle collides with yours, the way in which your body is thrown suddenly in a new direction can also be the source of the fracture. When necessary, our firm employs an accident reconstruction expert to dissect the accident, together with the injuries resulting therefrom.

Types of Fractures From Car Accidents

If you’ve been in an accident and were treated by your doctor, you are probably already familiar with the exact type of fracture or broken bone you suffered as a result of the accident. Regardless, the most common types of fractures or broken bones we see in our office are:

Broken Collarbone From A Car Accident

Broken Femur From A Car Accident

Broken Wrist From A Car Accident

Broken Rib From A Car Accident

Recovering From Fractures From Car Accidents

Recovery from a fracture typically entails a lot of patience. Depending upon the fracture, the healing process may take up to a year. Fortunately, soon after your bone is fractured, the body starts to heal by producing a callus and blood clot around the fracture. It’s important during this time that the fracture be held in place, in order to facilitate healing. Poor protein status at the time of the fracture can cause delays in healing and that is often seen in the elderly or malnourished.

How Much Is A Fractured Bone Worth?

The value of your injuries in a car accident varies depending upon both the injury and the facts surrounding the accident. Imagine two identical injuries. One of them from a car accident where the injured party was rear-ended while sitting at a stop light. The other, from a car accident where the injured party collided with the other driver while changing lanes. As you might imagine, the insurance company defending the at-fault driver will argue fault on the changing lanes accident. This may serve to lower or ‘de-value’ the injury. It may also lead to no recovery at all in North Carolina, if Contributory Negligence is successfully raised by the insurance adjuster. Those two injured individuals may end up with very different settlements, despite having the same injuries. This harkens back to The Four Elements Of Negligence.

Speak With A Personal Injury Lawyer

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