Getting Started With Bankruptcy — It Only Takes A Phone Call

Arguably, making that initial phone call is the hardest part about bankruptcy. Automated credit reports, computers, and email have made the process of putting information together much easier than in the past. What they haven’t taken away is the fear we all have of the unknown. And before you make that initial phone call, bankruptcy can seem like a big unknown.

One of the most important messages I stress to potential clients is that my job is not to convince them to file for bankruptcy. Instead, my job is to help them understand the options and help them make a decision if they would like my help doing so. Quite often, that decision involves the next steps toward filing bankruptcy and if it does, I am happy to help.

Can A Phone Call Really Change Things?

Yes. By picking up the phone you are reversing the trend in your financial life. When you pick up the phone, you are taking control of those aspects of your financial life that you can control. By speaking with a bankruptcy attorney you are becoming informed. When you’re informed, you reduce the ‘unknowns’ surrounding bankruptcy and your future. People tell me every day on the phone that just having the phone call made them feel better.

What Do I Do After The Phone Call?

You don’t have to do anything after the phone call. Phone consultations are free, which means you are not obligated to file or even follow up with the attorney at any time after the call. If you do want to move forward, we simply discuss the next steps. If you don’t have the money to file bankruptcy right now, that’s ok. I will be a resource for you until you are ready to file– it ensures me that I gain a thorough understanding of your financial situation, and often the choices you make today can affect the bankruptcy you file tomorrow.

Make The Call

I’d like to encourage you to make the phone call to a bankruptcy lawyer today, whether to my office or another lawyer in the Charlotte area. The stress associated with finances can be crippling and making a phone call is a huge step in the right direction– you deserve to know your options and you deserve the peace of mind that can come with a call. If you’d like to speak with me, you can reach me at 704.749.7747.