Healthcare Costs Affecting Charlotte Employees

If we know one thing about the Affordable Healthcare Act, it is that people disagree on it. This is an argument that happens at the political level. However, as a bankruptcy attorney in Charlotte, NC what is quickly becoming obvious is that employers are responding to the expected changes. With healthcare costs affecting Charlotte employees at large employers like Home Depot and Trader Joe’s, the net effect on individual’s budgets and pocketbooks is a cause for concern.

Bankruptcy filings happen for numerous reasons. Sometimes there is a life-changing event like a personal injury or unemployment. These events make sense without much explanation. More common is the totality of circumstances– expenses creep up over time, credit card debt increases to cover those expenses, and individuals find they can no longer pay their bills. Struggling to do the right thing, they struggle for a few years until it becomes obvious the numbers just don’t work anymore. They need another option.

Home Depot recently announced changes to their healthcare offerings for employees and other large employers are following suit. While some employers generously offer full healthcare coverage, most business moves like these are meant to positively affect the company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, this usually means the employee will pick up a new expense.

If your company announces a major change in healthcare coverage, and if you feel that change is going to put you and your family outside of your ability to pay for necessities like healthcare, dental, rent, mortgage and transportation, reach out now to discuss your options with a bankruptcy attorney. Plan for your family the way large companies plan for their future. Bankruptcy can be a critical part of that planning and can put you in a position where you’re able to meet your essential needs and begin saving money again. You deserve financial stability.

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