Paying For Your Charlotte Bankruptcy

I speak with clients every day who want to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Charlotte, NC but don’t have the money in hand to pay an attorney. That’s one of the challenges of paying for your Charlotte bankruptcy—if you need to file bankruptcy, you’re short on cash, to begin with.

We try to be sensitive to the financial needs of clients. After all, our goal is to help clients recover financially. One solution we offer is to make payments toward your bankruptcy over time. Typically, this involves making a deposit at the beginning of the representation and then paying toward the balance as we approach filing your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Paying for your Charlotte bankruptcy shouldn’t stop you from pursuing bankruptcy. Whether it is our firm or another bankruptcy lawyer in Charlotte, NC, you will be able to work out a payment plan. Here are a few ways in which you can fund a bankruptcy:

Gifts From Family Members

Your family members or friends are allowed to help you pay for your bankruptcy. While you may hesitate to ask for help, consider it’s different than asking for money as you may have done in the past. This time, you’re taking a step to permanently solve the problem.

Tax Refunds

You can use your tax refund to pay for your bankruptcy. Your tax refund is an asset, and you’re allowed to use your assets to pay for your bankruptcy. The tax refund represents a good opportunity to file bankruptcy because it’s so hard to get a lump sum of money together with bill collectors demanding money every time you turn around. Use your tax refund to permanently better your financial life by putting it toward your Charlotte bankruptcy.

Installment Plans

If it’s overwhelming to consider paying the lump sum for bankruptcy, speak with a Charlotte bankruptcy lawyer today about making installment payments. One rule in Chapter 7 is that the entire fee needs to be paid prior to the lawyer filing your case; otherwise, you and your lawyer are free to agree upon an installment agreement. It’s quite a common approach and it works well for both the client and the law firm.

Get Help Today

Whether you have money to put toward a Chapter 7 or not, please call us to discuss your situation. We love being able to provide guidance and give you peace of mind that there are brighter times ahead. You can request a consultation HERE or call 704.749.7747 to speak with a Charlotte bankruptcy lawyer today. We hope you’ll choose to Recover With Us.