Medical Bills In Personal Injury

One of the challenges for clients in a personal injury case is waiting for the settlement agreement to be reached. This is the cause for a lot of frustration for individuals who are still experiencing pain and accumulating doctor’s bills. Fortunately, most bills can be deferred until settlement is reached.

Getting Treatment During Your Claim

While your personal injury claim is active, you will most likely still be receiving treatment. It isn’t until all treatment has been completed, that your personal injury attorney can make the most accurate demand on your behalf. My office communicates with any physician or chiropractor you are working with, to come to an agreement about your current bill.

While every office is different, most doctors and chiropractors will defer some if not all of their bill until your case is settled. They understand that is the first time you will have the funds available to afford the doctors’ bills.

Negotiating Medical Bills In Personal Injury

In addition to deferring bills during the settlement or litigation process, once a settlement is reached, my office will negotiate your doctors’ bills. This helps tremendously in putting more money into your pocket. While some doctor’s offices will want to know the total amount of settlement prior to agreeing to lower their bill, it is generally predictable the percentage by which they will lower the bill.

The Big Picture

Not having to pay for medical treatment prior to settlement means more clients continue with the treatment necessary to maximize the value of their claim. They also avoid the added stress of medical bills in personal injury, until the case is settled.

Negotiating down the medical bills in personal injury works for all parties—the physicians settle for an amount acceptable to their office knowing they will be paid in full, and the client experiences savings as well.

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