Passenger In A Car Accident


If you are a passenger in a car accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, you are in a unique position. Essentially, the accident wasn’t your fault. This eliminates the question of liability, which plaintiffs’ attorneys struggle with each and every day. This means contributory negligence will not be a factor for you. The added layer of complexity that comes with being a passenger in a car accident relates to dealing with insurance companies, and a personal injury attorney can assist with this.

Passenger Injuries

The injuries a passenger in a car accident sustains can often be worse than those of the driver of either vehicle. This is because of the build of the vehicles, the drivers’ natural reaction to turn ‘away’ from the approaching vehicle, and the lack of back seat shoulder harnesses in older vehicles. Injured passengers of course face the challenge of medical treatment, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and every other down-side to being injured in a car accident.

Insurance Negotiations

Hiring a Charlotte personal injury lawyer to assist with your recovery is a wise decision if you’re a passenger in a car accident. The lawyer will sort through the liability issue and determine which driver was at fault, and begin a claim on your behalf with the appropriate insurance company. Additionally, North Carolina has under-insured motorist coverage provisions which may mean you can recover from more than one insurance policy. This can often double the amount of funds available, to help you recover from your injury.

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