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Personal Injury Statements To Adjusters

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Should I Give The Personal Injury Adjuster A Statement? No, you should not give your personal injury adjuster a statement regarding your car accident, slip and fall injury, or any other injury. No matter how kind the adjuster may appear, you…

Charlotte Pedestrian Personal Injury Lawyer

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When someone is involved in a pedestrian personal injury involving an automobile, the results are often heartbreaking. The Layton Law Firm began its reputation for representing pedestrians by successfully represented a 17-year-old boy who was…
Pedestrian Injury

Layton Law Protects Pedestrians - Free Yard Signs

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Layton Law Protects Pedestrians As part of our 2019 campaign to protect pedestrians, we are giving away our “Layton Law Protects Pedestrians – SLOW DOWN” yard signs. In our personal injury practice, we are surrounded by injured individuals.…
Hit by a car while running

Hit By A Car While Running

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Hit By A Car While Running – What To Do NextIf you are hit by a car while running, the injuries can be tragic. There is no more vulnerable individual on the road than the pedestrian. Often, runners are moving fast enough that turning…