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I’m Considering Firing My Personal Injury Attorney

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I’m Considering Firing My Personal Injury Attorney If you’re considering firing your personal injury attorney, there are a few things you need to know. We know it’s frustrating when your personal injury claim takes long, and we speak…
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Negotiating Best Results

I credit my time teaching negotiation courses with The Likeable Lawyer for many of the results I’m able to obtain for clients. In personal injury claims, the end result is almost always a product of a long negotiation between the personal…
Chris Layton

Bankruptcy What Is It?

Bankruptcy is not a sign of failure. Bankruptcy is not an admission of giving up. In fact, when you decide you’re going to file a bankruptcy—in North Carolina or anywhere else—you’re taking control of your situation. So, if bankruptcy…
Chris Layton

Understanding Client Needs

Attorneys who look past strategies to identify the underlying needs of their clients, strengthen relationships in the moment and generate creative solutions for their clients and their practice. I’ve learned to do this in my Charlotte bankruptcy…