Professionals Are Not Immune To Bankruptcy

The stereotypes and myths around bankruptcy often serve as a barrier for deserving people who need to file. The fact is that whether you’re a school teacher, hospital employee, doctor, or lawyer, economic difficulties which can’t be offset by income lend themselves to considering filing bankruptcy. Increasingly, like all U.S. workers, we see that professionals are not immune to bankruptcy.

In this article published by the New York Times, there’s a clear indicator that all the preparation in the world—including a graduate school degree—don’t always keep us out of financial harm’s way. What’s inspiring and comforting is that the rules of bankruptcy offer everyone a powerful solution when all other options have been exhausted.

One of my concerns as a bankruptcy attorney is that qualified individuals refrain from filing due to embarrassment or the mis-guided belief their personal property will be taken by the bankruptcy court: this is a rare occurrence. A brief conversation with a bankruptcy lawyer can help determine whether these fears are based in reality.

The greatest reward of my practice is helping people in need restore financial and emotional stability back to their lives. It’s a long life and a fresh start changes everything—that goes for every client, regardless of their profession or job.

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