Does Bankruptcy Ruin Your Credit

Bankruptcy And Mortgage Payments

Bankruptcy And Mortgage Payments If you’re wondering how bankruptcy and mortgage payments work together, there is good news. Most bankruptcy clients are pleasantly surprised to find out they can keep their home in bankruptcy. After all, for…
How much does bankruptcy cost

Can I Keep My Bonus In Chapter 13?

Can I Keep My Bonus In Chapter 13? You can keep your bonus in Chapter 13 provided you account for it in your Net Disposable Income allocated to creditors. When you file Chapter 13, your payment is partly based upon your “Ability to Pay”…
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Can Creditors Take Your Property?

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Can Creditors Take Your Property? The short answer is yes, creditors can take your property. However, they have to go to great length to do so. Below, we ask a few questions, and then provide some answers. Call us if you have questions—we’re…
What is my personal injury claim worth

Give Yourself A Raise – File Bankruptcy

Need A Raise? File Bankruptcy Financial stress is a common form of anxiety and worry. In a recent CNBC article, it was reported that 30% of Americans say they are constantly stressed out about money. The stress is due not only to existing…
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Emergency Bankruptcy Petition

Emergency Bankruptcy Petition If you need an emergency bankruptcy petition filed, you will need to move quickly. Using a bankruptcy lawyer is highly recommend, especially when filing an emergency petition. Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool…
SBA Loans In Bankruptcy

How Does Bankruptcy Affect You?

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How Does Bankruptcy Affect You? While this question is general, we understand the concern. Most clients want to understand what it will be like during their bankruptcy, right after their bankruptcy, and a few years down the road from bankruptcy.…
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How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take? This article helps answer the question how long does bankruptcy take. The answer depends upon a few factors. Primarily, they are: How quickly you can deliver documentation to your bankruptcy attorney Whether…
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Missing Payments In Chapter 13

It is not uncommon for clients to miss a Chapter 13 payment for one reason or another. Just because you’re in a bankruptcy doesn’t mean life stops throwing you curve balls. Clients often have vehicle repairs that need to be done, or emergency…
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How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

Clients are entitled to clear expectations about the time frame for preparing and filing a bankruptcy. So when clients ask "How long does bankruptcy take?" I usually summarize with the information below. While there are some exceptions, the…