myths surrounding bankruptcy

Give Yourself A Raise - File Bankruptcy

Need A Raise? File Bankruptcy Financial stress is a common form of anxiety and worry. In a recent CNBC article, it was reported that 30% of Americans say they are constantly stressed out about money. The stress is due not only to existing…
filing bankruptcy while married

Filing Bankruptcy While Married

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Filing Bankruptcy While Married If you’re considering filing bankruptcy while married, you’re not alone. Thousands of married couples are in your situation, and the bankruptcy filing statistics are easily found online, showing you that…
Do I make too much money for Chapter 7

How Does Bankruptcy Affect You?

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How Does Bankruptcy Affect You? While this question is general, we understand the concern. Most clients want to understand what it will be like during their bankruptcy, right after their bankruptcy, and a few years down the road from bankruptcy.…
myths surrounding bankruptcy

Social Security Benefits And The Means Test In Chapter 7

Social Security Benefits And The Means Test In Chapter 7 If your income is low enough, you will automatically qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, many clients have income slightly above the median income level, and must pass The Means…
can i file bankruptcy and keep my car

How Can I File Bankruptcy And Keep My Car?

How Can I File Bankruptcy And Keep My Car? Easily, that’s how. Whether you can file bankruptcy and keep your car is a question of the fair market value of the car at the time of the bankruptcy filing. That value is compared with any outstanding…

Bankruptcy And Gifts

Bankruptcy And Gifts This article will discuss both the giving of and the receiving of gifts in bankruptcy. If you’d like to speak with a bankruptcy attorney today, call 704.749.7747 or click to request a FREE BANKRUPTCY CONSULTATION and…
Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take? This article helps answer the question how long does bankruptcy take. The answer depends upon a few factors. Primarily, they are: How quickly you can deliver documentation to your bankruptcy attorney Whether…

Can I Keep Credit Cards In Bankruptcy

The answer is NO, you can’t keep credit cards in bankruptcy. But there’s good news, too. Keep reading. When you file your bankruptcy, you’re only required to notify your creditors with whom you carry a balance. However, even credit…
filing bankruptcy while married

Writ Of Execution

The purpose of this article is to explain the effect of a writ of execution, and help you understand your options which include filing bankruptcy. Your Pain If you’ve received a writ of execution, it’s because a creditor has a judgment…