What is my personal injury claim worth

Estimated Personal Injury Settlements

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Estimated Personal Injury Settlements Personal injury attorneys learn very quickly the pitfalls of discussing estimated personal injury settlements with their clients. The value of your personal injury claim is dependent upon numerous factors.…
NC workers compensation claim

Friendly Charlotte Personal Injury Firm

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Friendly Charlotte Personal Injury Firm It may seem counter-intuitive to desire a friendly Charlotte personal injury firm, but in our opinion that is exactly what you need for your Charlotte personal injury. We all often forget that working…
rear ended by a company vehicle

Rear Ended By A Company Vehicle

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Rear Ended By A Company Vehicle When you are rear ended by a company vehicle, it’s important to understand your rights. Your claim for damages can often be dramatically different when you’re rear ended by a company vehicle. The reason for…

Commercial Vehicle Accidents — The Ins And Outs

Commercial vehicle accidents are quite common in North Carolina. Commercial Vehicles are the cause of 10 injuries or deaths a month in our state. The drivers of these vehicles have jobs; and with these jobs comes a schedule that their pay depends…
Hiring a personal injury lawyer

Commercial Vehicle Accidents And Personal Injury

If you’re involved in a car accident with a commercial vehicle, chances are you have a serious injury. The increased size and weight of commercial vehicles make car accidents more severe than most car accidents occurring between two privately…