Charlotte Pedestrian Personal Injury Lawyer

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When someone is involved in a pedestrian personal injury involving an automobile, the results are often heartbreaking. The Layton Law Firm began its reputation for representing pedestrians by successfully represented a 17-year-old boy who was…
Pedestrian Injury

Layton Law Protects Pedestrians – Free Yard Signs

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Layton Law Protects Pedestrians As part of our 2019 campaign to protect pedestrians, we are giving away our “Layton Law Protects Pedestrians – SLOW DOWN” yard signs. In our personal injury practice, we are surrounded by injured individuals.…

Bike Accidents In Charlotte, NC

Bike accidents in Charlotte, NC increase annually as the city grows. Smart bicyclists follow the rules of the road when they are out riding. Bicycle owners ensure their safety by increasing their knowledge of these rules. Recognize that according…