Car Accidents

Contusions From Car Accidents

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Contusions From Car Accidents Our clients’ medical records often reflect contusions from car accidents. Often, insurance adjusters seek to minimize the impact of contusions when it comes to settlement offers. Working with a personal injury…
rear ended by a company vehicle

Rear Ended By A Company Vehicle

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Rear Ended By A Company Vehicle When you are rear ended by a company vehicle, it’s important to understand your rights. Your claim for damages can often be dramatically different when you’re rear ended by a company vehicle. The reason for…
bankruptcy and covid-19

How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take?

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The total time it will take to reach a personal injury settlement from the time you finish treatment until the time you settle your case, is roughly 5 months. This article explains the timeline and steps along the way to your personal injury…
What to expect after filing bankruptcy

What Is A Fair Personal Injury Settlement

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Everyone wants a fair personal injury settlement, and over the years, we have found that most personal injury clients' primary desire is to be treated fairly. They are not looking for a pay day. That being said, clients calling to discuss their…
medical payments

Medical Payments Coverage in North Carolina

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Medical Payments coverage (or "Med Pay") is an available amount of money which can be applied directly to your outstanding medical bills. These funds are in addition to any settlement you reach with an insurance company related to a car accident…
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Are Doctors Bills Paid From My Personal Injury Settlement?

Doctors bills are a common concern for our personal injury clients, and the concern especially arises when doctors bills exceed the settlement amount. If the doctors bills are paid, then essentially the client ends up with nothing or close to…