Talk To An Attorney About Bankruptcy Today

The things you do today affect a future bankruptcy filing. The right time to talk to an attorney about bankruptcy is now, even if you think you may not file for a few months. Here are a few great reasons to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer today, instead of waiting until the eve of filing.

The Conversation Is Free

Most bankruptcy lawyers are willing to have a conversation about bankruptcy for free. This includes a discussion about the specifics of filing, but you’re also allowed to ask questions about your finances and how to manage them today, in case you do file in the future. Don’t feel obligated to commit to filing. The lawyer’s office is there to help you make a decision, but the decision is yours.

Today’s Transfers Affect Your Future Filing

Transferring property affects a bankruptcy filing for a minimum of six months and sometimes up to two years. This includes title to vehicles, money in bank accounts, interests in life insurance and title to property conveyed by deed. If you talk to an attorney today, the lawyer can assist you in achieving your goals with the transfer, without upsetting your ability to file a bankruptcy if you need to down the road.

Knowing Your Options Brings Peace Of Mind

In my experience, understanding my options is a big part of feeling comfortable about what the future holds. While you may find a way out of this financial bind, at least you know what to do if things get too much to bear. And, you’ve established a relationship with an attorney which is always much better to do when you’re not rushed to make a decision.

Filing Bankruptcy Costs Money

As much as I wish it weren’t true, it costs money to file a bankruptcy. When you’re considering a situation that involves inability to pay existing bills, it makes sense that some planning may be required to have the money available when it’s time to file. A bankruptcy attorney will be glad to help you strategize about how to obtain the money needed to file. This may include budgeting for the use of a tax return in the coming months. Again, this is an example of where knowing your options helps you prepare. While you can borrow money from friends and family or from a 401k to file, you can’t put the fees on your credit cards.

There May Be Another Way Out

Some of my best conversations with clients end with the client deciding on a plan of action that doesn’t involve bankruptcy. If the client can accomplish her goals without filing, and if I can assist in helping the client discover this, I consider it a great conversation. My job as an attorney is not to convince you to file. Instead, my job is to assist you in getting your goals met.

Bankruptcy attorneys are easy to talk to and they are generous with their time. Call me today with any questions you may have about a foreclosure notice, a Writ of Execution, or questions about whether your family will find out if you file. They are all valid questions, and there are answers. You can reach me at 704.749.7747 or email me here.