Truck Accident Attorneys In Charlotte, North Carolina


Truck accident attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina can assist you when you’ve been injured in a car accident involving a tractor-trailer, a semi-truck, or any commercial truck. This article discusses the primary concerns regarding truck accidents in Charlotte, North Carolina. Below, you’ll find tips on why you should hire a personal injury attorney to help.

Commercial Liability In Truck Accidents

When you’re involved in a truck accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, your Charlotte personal injury attorney will work to establish commercial liability. This connection to the commercial owner of the truck is important because you want to pursue the commercial insurance carrier. You’d rather pursue them than the insurance carrier of the individual driver.

The primary reason for pursuing the commercial insurance carrier is they generally carry more insurance than an individual driver. The commercial policy will most likely have between $500,000 and $1,000,000 of insurance available for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages associated with the accident. Second, in a personal injury trial, a jury is more likely to hold a commercial entity more responsible than an individual driver. Juries are human beings. In plenty of instances they may feel sorry for an at-fault driver for some reason, and offer the injured party less money. However, if the party paying the bill is a corporation, the jury will not feel the same empathy for the corporate entity. Finally, juries tend to believe that a corporation has an affirmative responsibility to operate their vehicles safely. In some instances, punitive damages can be awarded when the corporation fails to do so. Your Charlotte, North Carolina truck accident attorney can tell you more about these specific situations.

Severe Injuries In Truck Accidents

Where an accident involves a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer, more often than not, the injuries are more severe than those involving two smaller vehicles. Hiring a truck accident attorney will ensure that you have someone representing you who can maximize the value of your claim. Your attorney does this by thoroughly reviewing the medical records and billing, and arguing the full extent of your injuries on your behalf. With more severe injuries, there are lingering symptoms and pain and suffering long after treatment is completed. You may even settle with a trucking company’s insurance company with a hold-back for future medical treatment, if necessary.

The larger policy limits carried by most commercial truck owners will benefit the injured party and ensure there is enough money to fully compensate you for your injuries. Additionally, insurance adjusters who handle claims for their corporate clients who operate trucks on the streets and highways of Charlotte, North Carolina are experienced. They are aware of the significance of the injuries resulting from truck accidents. Your personal injury attorney and the insurance adjuster will most likely be able to agree on the severity of the injuries and work toward a fair settlement for you.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Involving Truck Companies

If your personal injury attorney is unable to negotiate a settlement for you, or if you are not interested in accepting the settlement offer from the insurance company, filing a lawsuit is the next step. Your attorney can advise you as to the odds of receiving a jury verdict large enough to warrant filing a lawsuit and the decision will be yours. Generally, juries will view your situation more favorably because you were the victim in an accident involving a commercial vehicle. Juries tend to treat these accidents differently than an accident involving two similar individuals driving privately owned vehicles.

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