The Value of My Personal Injury Claim

It can be frustrating for personal injury clients to not know what their claim is worth. An insurance adjuster won’t disclose the formula being used to determine value, and a Charlotte personal injury lawyer is hesitant to commit to a figure—for good reasons. Here are some factors that will play a role in determining how much your claim is worth.

Type of Injury

There are generally two types of injury categories: soft tissue and “hard” injuries. For soft tissue injuries, the damage is typically confined to the surface areas of the skin and the extent of the pain or discomfort is determined by what is communicated by the patient. Examples are:

— Sprained back;

— Sprained knee;

— Twisted ankle;

In “hard” injuries, a medical examination will detect the injury (MRI, x-ray), and physicians as well as insurance adjusters have a stronger hold on the pain associated with these types of injuries. Hard injuries of course, are worth more in a personal injury claim. Examples are:

— Separated joint;

— Broken bones;

— Pinched nerve;

Medical Bills

Your medical bills in a personal injury claim are a factor in the value of your case. Not only because you’ll be requesting to be reimbursed for out of pocket medical expenses, but because generally speaking the higher the medical bills the more serious the injury.

Duration of Treatment

If the recovery time from your personal injury is lengthy, you’ve obviously suffered more than someone who had the type of injury that left them bed-ridden for only a week. Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer will make sure to document the length of your treatment and the effect it had on your day to day life while you were treating the injury.

While chiropractic treatment is generally acceptable for reimbursement of medical bills, it does not carry as much weight for case valuation as treatment by a physician or through a physical therapy plan prescribed by a client’s doctor (physicians, hospitals, medical clinics).

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a common phrase thrown around in personal injury. The more painful your injury was, the higher the formula used for computing your damages. The more invasive and long-lasting your treatment for the injury was, the higher the formula for computing the damages. This may not sound scientific, and that’s because it’s not. It’s a negotiation between you (your Charlotte personal injury lawyer) and an insurance adjuster.

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