What Is Bankruptcy?

First… Congratulations! You’re here because you are taking control over your finances. And you CAN take control of your finances. There are powerful options that the bankruptcy code creates for individuals like you and me, which can rescue us from a tough financial situation and with the help of an attorney, start us down the quick path to financial stability.

Bankruptcy is a process. With the help of a Charlotte bankruptcy attorney, you can utilize all the power of that process to achieve a discharge of medical bills, credit card debt, personal loans, vehicle debt and mortgages. To read more, continue with this post or click HERE to watch a 2 minute video about bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy: How To

Make a phone call. You start the bankruptcy process by reaching out to a qualified bankruptcy attorney and telling them about your situation. It’s that simple. Perhaps you are facing overwhelming credit card debt. Maybe you have lost your income, or been injured in an accident. There are numerous reasons people explore bankruptcy as an option.

Once your lawyer understands your situation, they will ask you to provide some written information about your income, your expenses, and the property you own. This is 90% of the work that you will do. When you hand that work over to the lawyer’s office, it’s their job to determine if you will qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or in the alternative a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

About Bankruptcy And The Process

Your attorney will guide you through the process, providing clarity and answering your questions about calls from creditors, whether to keep paying on credit cards, and when you’ll receive the discharge of your debts. You will feel cared for and comforted throughout the entire process. And, each step of the way, you’ll feel yourself regaining your footing—both emotionally and financially.

The message from our law office is simple: your situation is not your fault. There is nothing to feel guilty about. You are simply taking advantage of the powerful options offered by the bankruptcy code. And you’re entitled to them. You’re also not alone. I take phone calls every day from individuals who are trying to recover financially. Exploring bankruptcy as an option is a smart thing to do.

Do I Have To Go To Court?

You do have a short meeting at the courthouse, called a 341 meeting. In fact, in Charlotte, NC, that meeting takes place across the street from the courthouse in a small two story building. The room is carpeted, and you and your bankruptcy attorney sit at one table while a bankruptcy trustee sit at another table. The trustee asks you a few questions.

There shouldn’t be any surprises at this short meeting. Your only job is to listen and to be honest. The meeting typically takes a few minutes. The most common response from clients after the meeting is “That’s it?!” The answer is yes.

Take A Step Forward

The easiest way to get information is to pick up the phone. I’m here to listen to you. My goal is to understand your situation and offer solutions that work for you, whether that means filing a bankruptcy or defending against a creditor, or giving you the good news that you don’t need a lawyer. If you’d like to talk about your situation, there is no cost for that. Just call 704.749.7747.