Why Bankruptcy

My Charlotte bankruptcy clients and I talk about all of their options. This includes options outside of bankruptcy. I feel my job as an attorney is to assist the client in making the best decision for them, and understanding why bankruptcy works is part of that. When I believe a client should consider a bankruptcy, we usually discuss one or more of the items below.

Why Bankruptcy? Because You’ve Suffered Long Enough

Why bankruptcy? This is an important point. Bankruptcy is an option provided to us by the bankruptcy code in the form of a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 option. There should be no more guilt associated with considering these options than there is associated with taking an allowable deduction on your taxes—another item sanctioned by law. Most of my clients have already gone beyond what a reasonable person would endure, prior to considering bankruptcy. I only wish I could get to them earlier, so they could experience the relief bankruptcy provides sooner rather than later.

Treat Your Finances Like A Business

Credit card companies and banks take a gamble on us when they extend us credit. They collect their interest up front typically, and charge an interest rate reflective of the risk. If you’ve been paying interest only for months or even years on a credit card, you’ve been a great business investment for them. Now, it’s time to consider your own financial health. Leave emotions out of it, the same way credit card companies do. Exercise your rights under the law, just as they do. Bankruptcy is your right. The result is renewed financial freedom.

You Deserve Recovery

My clients are hard-working people who tend to be humble. They have a hard time deciding that they deserve the relief that bankruptcy provides. It’s my job to make them feel comfortable seeking that relief. And to get them excited about the road ahead. Sharing in that excitement is one of the best parts of my practice. You deserve a peaceful life, including financial serenity. Bankruptcy can provide that. After you file bankruptcy, the rest is up to you, but with smart choices you can begin building financial stability again.

Bankruptcy Trumps Other Options

Often clients come to me in crisis. They are facing a foreclosure, or a creditor has come calling. While there are other options which may fend off the current emergency, quite often bankruptcy will accomplish the same goal and provide extreme relief from other debt including medical bills, credit cards and old tax liens.

If you’re reading this, you’re educating yourself. If you want to find out more, give me a call and we can discuss your situation. I enjoy helping people understand the options. I can be emailed here or you can reach me at 704.749.7747.