Your Charlotte Bankruptcy Lawyer

Strategizing Together

Choosing the right lawyer to assist you in filing a bankruptcy is important. Together with your Charlotte bankruptcy lawyer, you will examine your options and choose a path of recovery that will dramatically improve your life. That may involve filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In the alternative, it may mean your lawyer reaching out to negotiate with a mortgage company or other creditors on your behalf. A lawyer who places your best interests ahead of their own will gather information from you, ensure you understand your options, and help you make a choice.


I have been practicing law for thirteen years and I’ve found that the most important thing I can do for my clients is listen to them. It sounds simple enough, but every client has a unique history and individual goals and objectives. My job is to talk to them until I understand their situation and we create clarity around their objectives. Then I strategize with them about how to get those objectives met. Typically that involves filing a personal bankruptcy, but sometimes there are other options.

Forming a Working Relationship

Together with your attorney, you will have an ongoing working relationship. It’s important that you and all clients are regularly kept abreast of the progress being made for them, so my clients and I never get off the phone without deciding when we will talk next. We also talk about what is going to happen between this phone call and the next. It helps set expectations and provides us the focus we need to move forward quickly.

Staying Updated

You should be getting updates from your bankruptcy lawyer on a regular basis and you deserve to speak to the lawyer handling your case. I answer my own phone. I enjoy talking to my clients. They’re good people. It’s also the only way to fully understand what is important to them and help them achieve it.

Regular communication is also a way for me to make sure that my clients haven’t gotten stuck while trying to gather information. Third parties like the IRS and creditors can be slow to respond, and it’s not uncommon for me to assist clients in gathering information. It’s part of the job. The goal is to get to the finish line together, as quickly as possible.


Choose your Charlotte bankruptcy attorney carefully. You will get to know one another. You will overcome hurdles together. In the end, together you will celebrate the accomplishment you’ve achieved, and the bright future that lies ahead for you.

Call today. I’ll answer my phone personally, and we can talk about your options. 704.749.7747.