Understanding Your Accident Report


Your auto accident report is the first set of facts established in your car accident claim. While both drivers will have their own story to tell (or pedestrians, in a pedestrian accident), the accident report is written, was taken down by an officer, and ties both parties to an account of the car accident.

If you’ve been in a car accident you should call a personal injury lawyer for help understanding your accident report. The personal injury lawyer’s office is accustomed to reviewing accident reports and can even explain over the phone some of the codes used when information was entered by the officer.

The injury lawyer’s office can also answer any questions you might have about liability, negligence, damages, and insurance related to the accident. If you were a passenger in an auto accident, you have some additional concerns and the personal injury lawyer can point those out and guide you in the right direction.

If you would like to understand your accident report on your own, here is a downloadable link to understanding your accident report. With this guide, depending upon where your accident report was generated, you should be able to scroll through the explanations and use them to decipher your own report.

What Does The Accident Report Contain

Generally, the accident report contains information about the individuals and vehicles involved in the accident. Information about witnesses and road conditions, and a diagram showing the position of the cars in the accident will often appear as well. Quite often, the attending officer will make a statement in the accident report as to whose fault the car accident was—and make note if a citation was issued to either or both drivers.

Who Uses The Report

Because the accident report is created by a police officer, insurance adjusters and personal injury lawyers use the report to establish the basis for understanding the auto accident claim or personal injury case. Both sides are of course looking for facts that support their interpretation of what happened, and how it aligns with personal injury case law.

Can I Change My Accident Report

Generally, no, you cannot change your accident report. While you can make a request that the report is changed, it will be up to the law enforcement agency as to whether to change the report. Changes related to factual information are typically acceptable—the type or year of vehicle, insurance information, etc.—while changes related to the facts will typically not be changed or amended. In other words, if you feel the report reads unfavorably as to who caused the auto accident, there’s not much you can do except calling a personal injury lawyer and see if he feels he can overcome the negative impact of the report when representing you in your personal injury claim.

Speak With An Attorney

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